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Rioc said on 15.08., 22:43 

Don't think I have any fixed plans so ask of these should work at the moment. (however I'm planning to go to mechanicon in Frankfurt this year, which should be in October but hasn't got a fixed date yet...)

Axel (/u/xtaran) said on 15.08., 22:53 

As location is the CCCZH Hackerspace "Röschtibach" planned, see

Anonymous said on 15.08., 23:27 

Hello Hello!

David from CandyKeys - Frankfurt is happening in the first 2 weeks of October I think, we already know the location 99% and the date will be posted soon! I will post it here soon. I would strongly recommend we keep a gap between the Frankfurt and Zurich one :) So maybe later November would be ideal.

Axel (/u/xtaran) said on 16.08., 11:02 

@David: Thanks, appreciated!

rioc said on 16.08., 11:37 

Hi David
Ah, that's nice to know... thx for the mechanicon update ;) (didn't see anything new about it in the official page)
Any hint on the location? Will it be in Central Franky itself?

Axel (/u/xtaran) said on 18.08., 20:28 

Mechanicon is on the 3rd of November 2018:

That's a date I hadn't considered anyway, because I'm at OpenRheinRuhr then. Which also means that I can't go to Mechanicon this year. :-/

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